Meeting Wednesdays, 12:15 PM at The Greens of LeRoy

  The Rotary Club of LeRoy is a service club of business and professional men and women who meet weekly to enjoy fellowship and learn how they can serve others. The  Club has about 40 members. Doctors, lawyers, dentists, teachers, farmers, historians, bankers, insurance agents, computer specialists, salespeople, engineers veterinarians, mechanics, politicians, small business owners and more.

  The LeRoy Club has about 46 members, but The Rotary Club of LeRoy is part of a worldwide organization known as Rotary International. There are more than one million service-minded Rotarians in 200 countries.


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2018-2019 Executive Board


    President: Jim Ellison


    President Elect: Mary Young


    Secretary: Mary Margaret Ripley


    Treasurer: Carol Wolfe




Board Members


Scott McCumiskey, Past President

Ben Deragon

Mary Margaret Ripley, PEN

Bob Carlsen

Christine Gephart

Tom McGinnis

Anil Sawhney

Marcia McKenzie