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Community Requests




 The Le Roy Rotary Club is interested in providing support for numerous worthy projects.  To provide the most appropriate use of those funds, it is necessary for applicants to complete the attached form by March 31st and to qualify for funding through the review process.


The Club’s review process begins with our Funding Request Form.  The Funding Request Committee reviews applications each quarter assessing each in relationship with the Club’s goals.  Decisions will be made based on the information you provide.  While a member of the committee may call you for additional information, it is in your best interest to provide complete information at the time of application.


As with all funding organizations, our resources are limited.  Thus, there are some guidelines that should be kept in mind when considering whether to apply to the Le Roy Rotary club for consideration.


There are certain exclusions that are exercised.  The exclusions include but are not restricted to the following:



The Annual Application Deadline is March 31st


Community Funding Applications

Use the online Form