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The goal of the R.E.A Milne Scholarship Fund is to help students who reside in the LeRoy Central School District to further their education.  Grants are made on a financial need basis.  The amount distributed each year is determined by available funds.  Currently, each recipient receives $500 each year for up to four years.  Recipients must re-apply each year to receive the full amount.  $3,200 per student is our present limit.
About the R.E.A. Milne Scholarship Fund
Q: What is the R.E.A. Milne Scholarship Fund?
A: The R.E.A. Milne Scholarship Fund was founded in 1948 by the Rotary Club of LeRoy to provide financial assistance for college expenses to deserving students.
Q: Who can apply for this scholarship?
A: Any person residing in the LeRoy Central School District who will be pursuing an undergraduate degree at a fully accredited institution may apply.  Children or spouses of LeRoy Rotary Club members are not eligible.
Q: How are recipients chosen?
A: The distribution of available funds will be made on the basis of financial need, academic record and extra-curricular activity.
Q: How are the funds distributed?
A: Checks for the awarded amount are given directly to the student.
Q: If I have a high school equivalency diploma, am I eligible?
A: Yes, anyone with a GED who meets the other criteria is eligible.
Q: If I delay attending college for a few years, am I eligible when I decide to pursue a higher education?
A: Again, yes if you meet the other criteria.
Q: What about trade or technical schools?
A: If it is a fully accredited institution of higher learning, it will be considered eligible.
Q: How much is the scholarship?
A: The amount distributed each year is determined by available funds.  Currently, each student receives $750 each year for four years; but, the student must re-apply each year to receive the full amount.  $3,000 per student is our present limit.
Q: Where can I get an application?
A: You can pick up an application after January 1st at the Guidance Offices of LeRoy High School, Notre Dame High School, or you can download the forms here or write to:
Rotary Club of LeRoy
R.E.A. Milne Scholarship
PO Box 141
LeRoy, NY 14482
Q: Are there restrictions to how the money must be spent?
A: The Fund is intended to supplement other financial resources available to the student; therefore, no restriction is placed on the recipient other than the money is spent to further your education.
Q: When is the deadline to get my application to you?
A: New applications must be received on or before May 15 of the year in which the aid is requested.  For continuing applicants, applications much be received by June 15.
Q: When would I receive my check?
A: The checks are mailed out in early August.
Q: Who picks the Scholarship recipients?
A: A committee from the Milne Board reviews the applications and makes recommendations.  The Milne Board then approves the selections.
Q: Who makes up the Milne Scholarship Board?
A: The R.E.A. Milne Scholarship Board is appointed from the Rotary Club of LeRoy membership.
​​​​​​​Q: Where does the money come from?
A: The funds are raised by the LeRoy Rotary with an annual fundraiser; some of the money comes from interest bearing investments; also, from the money patrons and past Milne recipients who throughout the years have made their contributions to this worthy cause for LeRoy students.
Q: Who was R.E.A. Milne?
A: Robert Milne was a charter member of the Rotary Club of LeRoy who dies suddenly in 1948, leaving two sons.  The scholarship was established in his name.
Q: Supposed I want to contribute to help the Milne Scholarship Fund, can I?
A: Yes, the Rotary Club welcomes any help with any of the annual Rotary Club fundraisers.  Memorials and endowments are available.  Contact any Rotarian.  Monetary contributions can be made directly to the R.E.A. Milne Scholarship Fund which is a 501(c)(3) charitable organization and therefore is tax deductible.