The Rotary Club of LeRoy gathered virtually on February 10, 2021, with 22 members present and no guests.  President Mary Margaret Ripley brought the meeting to order and the pledge and prayer were offered by Jim Ellison.   
President Mary Margaret asked for announcements.  Mike Tucci thanked everyone for their support of the “Big Game TV Raffle.”  The television was won by Jay Grasso.  Top ticket sellers were Martha Bailey, Bob Bennett, and Jason and Shannon Karcher.  Mike offered some thoughts for this event in the future.  Bob Bennett updated the club on the Milne Board meeting.  The Milne Board is working creatively to determine a fundraiser this spring since having the Graze to Raise doesn’t seem possible due to the current pandemic.  Bob said more information to come!  Shannon Karcher and Scott McCumiskey have scheduled a guided hike on April 25th at 8:30 am at the Genesee County Park.  Rotarian Scott will lead the hike.  Bob Bennett is also looking for ideas for the social committee.  
Jason Karcher gave an update on the district grant application.  The club has made it through the initial part of the grant process.  Lynne Belluscio updated the club on a drive-thru dinner as a fundraiser for the Historical Society.  Due to the pandemic, the LeRoy Historical Society wasn’t able to hold its annual dinner and auction last spring.  They are putting together a gourmet dinner with the assistance of the D&R Deport.  The drive-thru dinner is scheduled for March 27, 2021.  Lynne said there will be more information to come!  Jake Whiting reminded members that today is the vote at the school for the capital project.  
President Mary Margaret moved onto missed meetings.  Missed meetings were observed by Dasha (1) and Jeff Halladay (2).  Jeff had one make-up.  Amy Leone (1), Jake Whiting (1), Carol Wolfe and Lynne Belluscio were also recognized for missed meetings.  Carol and Lynne are exempt but shared what they have been up to.  Carol shared how she is trying to clean, sort, and reorganize her house.  When asked how it was going, she stated, “not very well.”  Carol keeps putting it off until the next day.   
The fining session began with recognizing the story done by Channel 13 News out of Rochester on LeRoy’s African American aviation pioneer, Dorothy Layne McIntyre.  Lynne happily accepted a $15.00 fine.  Jake Whiting was fined for his wife, Lauren’s new position, and her article in the Batavia Daily News.  Jake shared that Lauren is enjoying her new job and is currently able to work from home.  Jake was fined $5.00.  Erik Fix was also fined for an article in the Batavia Daily and his new position as President of the Genesee County Chamber of Commerce.  Erik will begin the new position at the end of March.  
Today’s presentation was by Jason Karcher, President of LeRoy Youth Softball (LYS).  Jason presented on where the organization has grown over the past 12 months.  It was feared last January there may be no season for the youth softball players within LeRoy.  Jason, with the help of his wife, Shannon worked to develop a board of directors, become a 501(c)(3) and develop bylaws.  The organization was also able to create a modified season last summer that was safe and followed the COVID-19 guidelines for youth sports.   
LYS was able to provide outdoor clinics last fall before being able to move inside at Our Lady of Mercy.  Clinics have ranged from groups that are 8 and under through age 16.  Registration for the upcoming season is currently open. Registration is for 8U, 10U, 12U, and 16U players within the LeRoy Central School District.  LYS has also created a fund through generous donations from members of the community for players who need assistance covering the registration fees. 
Jason discussed many of the successes and opportunities but also shared some barriers and goals.  These would include being able to find a softball field dedicated to the organization with space for indoor clinics. The organization also continues to seek sponsorship from businesses and organizations throughout the community.  More information can be found on the LeRoy Youth Softball Facebook and Instagram pages.  
President Mary Margaret thanked both guests and all members and then adjourned at 1:01.  If you are interested in learning more about the Rotary Club of LeRoy, follow us on Facebook, Instagram, or