The Rotary Club of LeRoy gathered virtually on January 27, 2021, with 24 members present.  President Mary Margaret Ripley brought the meeting to order promptly at 12:15.   Pledge was led by Randy Vink followed by a prayer offered by Martha Bailey.  There was no guest present. 
President Mary Margaret asked for announcements.  Mike Tucci reminded members of the upcoming Big TV raffle and our need to continue to help sell tickets.  Please contact Mike Tucci for tickets to sell.  Jim Ellison updated the club on the grant application and how we are working on some of the fine details.  President Mary Margaret updated the club on some of our members who have been under the weather or not able to join us online.  The club continues to send positive thoughts to each of them. 
President Mary Margaret began with missed meetings. Missed meetings were sanctioned to 
Gerry Aron (1), Christine Gephart (5), Amy Leone (10), Tim Moag (1), Phil Plossl (2), Mike Tucci (2), Randy Vink (4), Bruce Baker, and Tony Gugino.  Some make-ups were offered while others paid their fines. 
President Mary Margaret moved on to fining and began with Amy Leone.  Amy has a senior this year, who is excited that basketball and trap seasons are going to go on.  Amy shared that her son is an amazing trap shooter too.  Christine Gephart was fined for a beautiful picture of her family from Christmas and her daughters who are almost as tall as her oldest son.   Randy Vink was fined for his trip to Houston.  Randy traveled to Houston to see all his children and grandchildren.  He was able to visit for 20 days.  Randy shared he is now in his quarantine period after returning. Gerry Aron offered to pay Randy’s fine. 
Dasha Halladay was fined for a picture of her in Buffalo Bills attire with her mother, grandmother, daughter, and son.  Tony Gugino was fined for being a proud Buffalo Bills season ticket holder for the past 25 years.  He thought the Bills had a great season with a disappointing end, however, he is looking forward to next season.  President Mary Margaret also fined Erik Fix for older pictures on Facebook.  Erik graciously accepted his fine.  Martha Bailey shared a picture of all her grandchildren and was happily fined for them.  
There was not a program today and the meeting was adjourned by President Mary Margaret at 12:50 and thanked everyone for their participation.  If you are interested in learning more about the Rotary Club of LeRoy, follow us on Facebook, Instagram, or